Hospital Ship Project

hospital-ship Reaching and responding to the needs of the many islands of Asia during disasters is difficult and oftentimes unrealized. Faced with this limiting reality, a solution must be arrived at. Thus, a retired navy aircraft carrier converted into a hospital ship is a very viable option. The Hospital Ship will not just be for the Philippines. It is geared toward the Southeast Asia and to where natural disasters related mission is needed.


  • To serve the medical and humanitarian needs of the Philippines and Southeast Asian Nations and be prepared to go to their aid in a “Disaster Relief” situation.
  • To partner with different organizations in evangelism, discipleship, training, outreach, and meeting the medical needs of the community.
  • To treat our patients with the courtesy we desire for ourselves.
  • To provide opportunities for medical professionals to use their gifts and abilities while serving others.


We would like to serve the medical and humanitarian needs of the unserved groups of the Philippines and the Southeast Asian nations and be prepared to go to their aid in a “disaster relief” situation, considering the following facts: bird-flu* Pandemic Avian Flu Threat * Philippines is the 4th world’s natural disaster country * An aftermath of any disaster needs medical assistance, e.g. Japan earthquake & Tsunami in October 2012, Philippines typhoon of 2009 and the monsoon rain of 2012, Indonesia Banda Aceh 2004. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and millions of people have lost their homes. In Myanmar Cyclone, more than 55,000 people are known to have died in the earthquake that stuck sounthwest China on May 12, 2008.


Philippine Haiyan or Yolanda – November, 2013 haiyan


  • To convert a retired naval vessel into one of the largest Non-Government hospital ships with a global network of local and international NGO’s and medical volunteers from different countries.
  • To use the latest innovation of technology of Hydrogen fuel that will make the ship operation cost-effective, sustainable, and be the first environment-friendly hospital ship in the world.
  • To recruit Christian personnel (managerial, medical, support and administrative level) to be our partners in this endeavor.