Letters of Endorsement

Bro_EdMy warmest congratulations to the founders of Universal Touch Medical Foundation Inc. Your vision for a General Hospital / Medical Center, together with Medical Arts Building, nursing school, coliseum, hotel complex and dormitory units in a bigger place is truly a vision worth pursuing. For such resembles the ministry which is very close to the heart of God, whose love and compassion for the sick and the lost never fails.

It is my earnest desire that your vision be turned into reality. That the goals and objectives you have set for a certain period may be realized just in time so that you may be of service at last to the community of believers as well as to them that are still to be won for Christ.

That is why I urge you to stay steadfast in the Lord, to remain zealous in aspiring greater service for God’s kingdom since we were all prepared and are still being prepared for such an honorable task. Keep doing well, knowing that God himself does not run out of ways to deliver what we will need to the end that we might be of service to others and a joy unto His heart as well.

God bless you more and always!

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bishop_tenderoGreetings in Jesus’ Name!

I commend the Universal Touch of Life (UTOL) Medical Foundation to the Body of Christ with much confidence and hope in the Lord.

The vision and mission for the ministry of UTOL was born out of a heart that has been touched by affliction and comforted by God. As such, the driving force behind it is one of pure Christian benevolence and service, first to the . brethren and then to everyone else.

I trust that the Lord will confirm UTOL’s mandate with His favor and blessing.


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Dr_FerrezIt is a pleasure on my part to endorse to the Christian community the ministry of the Universal Touch of Life Foundation which seeks to serve the less fortunate among the brethren. UTOL’s mission and vision embrace the best ideals of Christian benevolence in partnership with churches and fellowships committed to the Great Commission and to the Great Commandment.


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