Vision & Mission


corp-visionWe are a group of concerned, committed and dedicated Christians from a wide spectrum of society aspiring to establish, operate and manage a Christian healthcare provider in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia.

This will showcase what followers of Christ can offer to the sick and suffering by encouraging a spirit of sharing, caring, compassion and genuine concern for our service beneficiaries and the community we serve.

We envision a rehabilitated US naval carrier to cater to the Southeast Asian region and a nationwide network of International Christian mission-oriented NGO’s and Medical professional volunteers coming 40 different countries. UTOL seeks to form a strategic global partnership in key regions and cities supported by advanced facilities, superior technology and well -trained health professionals. Once furnished, the naval ship will be one of the largest hospital ships that will use the latest available technology of Hydrogen fuel for any US naval and commercial ship at present as the source of fuel energy. In using this innovative technology of hydrogen fuel we believe this project is viable, cost effective, sustainable, as well as environment-friendly.


mission1Our first responsibility is to our patients. Our mission is to provide them the best possible and innovative service, facilities, comforts, and a clean, whole-some and stress free “ healing “ environment conducive to their early recovery and to the end of their overall quality of life shall be improved.

We shall provide needed services to our primary target market-Christians and to others, the paying and the subsidized segments as well, that are sustainable, cost effective and are financially viable as a whole for our organization.

To ensure our long term growth, survival and fair return, our activities should generate adequate business volume and fair return and shall be run by a professional management team imbued with strong business acumen but firmly grounded on Godly principles.

doctorsWe shall recruit, attract, motivate, retain and develop an all Christian personnel compliment on all levels, executive, managerial, medical, support and administrative, who are committed and who are fully subscribe to the attainment of our corporate vision and mission and who possess exceptional ability, character, and dedication to Christian service. We shall offer them highly competitive and performance based compensation and benefits structure, employment security, professional growth, and a stimulating and good working conditions. An appropriate corporate culture grounded on strong Christian principles and beliefs.

We will continue to search for and adapt advances in technology particularly in such areas as medical research and technology, new innovative ways of using alternative healthcare and medicines, and will pioneer specialized healing art technology. We shall also make extensive use of information technology to support our management systems.

Our distinctive competence or competitive advantages are the fast growing and largely captive Christian market segment, and our pioneering work in a specialized healing art technology which we envision to eventually become a model in the country and in the Southeast Asian region.

We are committed to becoming a responsible and good corporate citizen and to actively participate in joint undertakings with local and International organizations and individuals whose philosophies, goals, programs and belief run parallel to our own.


Christian Medical doctors for the less fortunate brethren in the Southeast Asian region.


“The king will reply, I tell you the truth, whatever you did for the one of the least brothers of mine, you did it for me” (Matt 25:40)


Patients-in-LineIt will cover Christian and non Christians alike. The immediate catchment’s areas are from National Capital Region, Central Luzon, Southern Tagalog Region, Central Visayas and Mindanao. It will address to cover the natural disasters of the Southeast Asian region primarily Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. It will adopt the concept of a Medical Hotel ship that would cater to the growing medical tourism in Asian region in times of no disaster in the region. The hospital ship shall adopt a wholistic, unique healing art technology that best serve its clientele, to be reflected in its facilities, amenities and patient friendly atmosphere. Latest naval architectural and engineering design to be prepared by a team of experts from the US Naval shipyards (Portsmouth shipyard & Carderock shipyard) and non US Naval shipyards (NASSCO General Dynamics) based in the United States of America. The naval engineering design groups is considered as one the most largest naval dry dock ship yard for commercial and non commercial ships in the United States. The foundation will commission the service of these shipyards for Naval Engineering and Architectural design for alteration, maintenance, repair of ships and life cycle planning.